Srila Prabhupada's Legacy

ISKCON Los Angeles is historic due to the many visits and longterm residence of Srila Prabhupada between Jan 1968 and June 1976. In 1970 alone, His Divine Grace spent a total of seven months in New Dvaraka. While staying at the temple, Srila Prabhupada worked tirelessly on his book writing and held many significant meetings with his followers as well as many scientists, teachers, and leading religious figures of the time. From ISKCON Los Angeles, Srila Prabhupada oversaw the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) and personally trained his disciples in the art of painting devotional art. As a place where the memory of Srila Prabhupada is strong, and where his teachings are faithfully followed, one can still feel his powerful presence.

Srila Prabhupada’s Quarters

Srila Prabhupada’s quarters, located directly behind and above New Dvaraka’s altar, are open for viewing upon request. These quarters were Srila Prabhupada’s “Oval Office,” from where he managed the Hare Krishna Movement and translated his books while in Los Angeles. The rooms have been meticulously preserved, and it remains as it was when Srila Prabhupada was physically present with us, replete with his rare personal items. It is a quiet and intimate place for personal reflection upon his life and teachings.

Srila Prabhupada’s Garden

This beautiful and well-maintained garden was frequented by Srila Prabhupada. He would commonly give lectures in the garden, and there were many meetings held here with famous, influential people, which can be seen in well-known archival footage.

Harinam Twice A week

The New Dvaraka devotees go for Harinam every week at following locations. Join to experience the bliss of Harinam Sankirtan. Devotees leave from temple around 5.30 PM.
Every Friday - In Santa Monica
Every Saturday - In Hollywood

Bhagavad Gita Museum (

At the request of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1973, a group of his disciples traveled to India to learn the ancient method of clay working. After careful study, the artists returned to the United States to apply this ancient craft along with state-of-the-art electronics to create eleven stunning dioramas displayed in the Bhagavad Gita Museum. Opened to the public in 1977, those who have passed through the doors of the museum have rarely left unchanged. The initiated, as well as, the newcomer have been treated with an aural/visual delight, enlightening all in a 45-minute lesson in the topmost of transcendental knowledge.

Srila Prabhupada’s Walks

While present in Los Angeles, Srila Prabhupada would often take his morning walks in three places: Cheviot Hills, Venice Beach, and the Santa Monica Bluffs. These were the sites of many of his recorded morning walk discussions, some of which were the foundation of books, such as Life Comes from Life. These areas are within a short driving distance of New Dvaraka, so you don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to retrace his lotus footsteps.
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